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At Milestone we help chemists providing the most innovative technology for sample preparation for trace metal analysis and direct mercury analysis. Milestone has been active since 1988 in the field of advanced sample preparation. We are the acknowledged industry leader in microwave instrumentation technology with over thirty patents and more than 20.000 sample preparation instruments installed worldwide covering large and small research institutions, elemental analysis labs as well as universities and industrial laboratories. Our industry-leading technology on sample preparation, in combination with fast, responsive service and applications support, allows Milestone to provide you the highest return on investment possible. Our commitment is to consistently provide scientific and industrial communities with the most effective, safe and productive instruments for Microwave Digestion for ICP analysis, Microwave Extraction, Direct Mercury Analysis, Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Microwave Ashing.
At Milestone we help chemists

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Webinar Invitation

In this webinar, Milestone will discuss about microwave-assisted-extraction (MAE) technique that has been successfully applied for the extraction of semivolatile organic compounds, pesticides, herbicides, substituted phenols, PCBs and PCDDs/PCDFs from solid matrices, in accordance to US EPA 3546.
eBook on ICP-MS and ICP-OES Analysis

New book publication

The book is the results of the joined effort of the most active and recognized persons in microwave digestion: dr. Werner Lautenschläger, prof. Skip Kingston, prof. Joaquim Nóbrega and prof. Cezar Bizzi. Learn how sample preparation plays a pivotal role in elemental analysis, throughtput and the analysis costs.
Utrecht university using microwave assisted extraction technique MAE

Microwave-Assisted extraction for climate change studies

Read a new article that describe the work of Utrecht's University research group who uses the newest microwave extraction system to study primeval seabed sediment. The findings could help predict how, and how quickly, climate change can melt the ice caps.
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Milestone Connect is a unique feature for your best-in-class system putting Milestone 30-years of applications experience at your fingertips. By choosing ETHOS UP, ETHOS EASY, ultraWAVE or DMA-80, you will get exclusive access to the knowledge and experience of our skilled application team.
Innovative microwave systems and mercury analyzers

Milestone Product Portfolio

Today Milestone is offering state-of-the-art laboratory microwave systems based on solid experience of several thousand laboratories around the world performing sample preparation for ICP analysis. We strive for excellence of mercury analyzers offering our customers integrated solutions able to render lab activity easier, faster and safer. Sample preparation is one of the most impactful steps in trace metals determination.
The quality of analytical data obtained by ICP/ICP-MS is directly reliant on digestion quality. Milestone offers high performance sample preparation equipments in order to achieve optimum results and performance in trace metal analysis with lowest possible detection limit. We perfectly understand the importance of sample preparation for ICP-MS analysis and consider all parameters to offer solutions that maximize the AA/ ICP/ ICP-MS performance, and a lab's overall analytical capability.
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