Easy scale-up

go site The combination of high microwave power density of 1.5kW/L and powerful stirring allows the same conditions developed for small-scale reactions to be replicated.

High pressure capability

Viagra billigare apoteket The SynthWAVE allows for the use of a wider range of low-boiling reagents, reactants and solvents.
Perform aqueous reactions and extractions below boiling point.
Extremely efficient cooling of the reaction vessel avoids or minimizes degradation and side reactions.High pressure capabilities

Operate under modified conditions Simply add an inert gas to achieve an inert environment.
Add hydrogen or oxygen to produce a reducing or oxidizing atmosphere respectively.

enter Speed up reactions with gas molecule insertion using gases such as CO or CO2. Example: the preparation of isocyanates derivatives by the Staudinger-Aza-Wittig reaction.  

Fastest screeningFaster screening Multiple reactions are carried out simultaneously under exactly the same temperature and pressure conditions - even using different solvents.

click here Quickly and easily evaluation of different catalysts, solvents and reaction conditions.  

Easy samplingEasy sampling

go here Easily and conveniently sample reaction products at any time during the experiment.

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