Complimentary, live webinar: Microwave technology applied to inorganic synthesis

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Microwave technology applied to inorganic synthesis: what is going to change?

Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Omaha Nebraska Changing the conventional methodologies of inorganic synthesis to more environmental-friendly and cost effective methods has opened up new avenues to achieve an enhanced and novel sustainable chemistry, thus contributing to the preservation of the natural environment.

follow site vip2Inorganic synthesis is an important branch of the chemical synthesis with the aim of the production of new materials with new functions for new applications.

site de rencontre 2 seniors These routes, such as the microwave assisted hydrothermal synthesis provide the use of microwaves combined with the efficiency of the hydrothermal method. This facilitate the engineering of a wide variety of high-quality materials such as nano-sized rare earth doped ceria with fluorite structure for SOFC electrolyte applications, BiFeO3 perovskite with multiferroic properties and H2V3O8 with one-dimensional (1D) nanostructure for lithium battery technology. During this webinar, we will go through the complete and up-to-date possibilities offered by the combination of two rapid and “green chemistry” synthesis techniques: hydrothermal synthesis and microwave synthesis. The goal is to minimize heat exposure and reaction times for chemical synthesis. Moreover, the particle sizes and shapes of the product can be fine tuned by the synthesis parameters.

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go here You’ll interact with the experts who are breaking ground in this field of research: Emilio Miguélez Morán, professor at University of Madrid and Diego Carnaroglio, PhD, synthesis specialist at Milestone Srl. You’ll learn about the newest tools and technologies while gathering valuable tips and troubleshooting strategies for the applications most relevant to your processes. WATCH IT NOW

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Diego Carnaroglio, PhD
Synthesis and Extraction Application Specialist
at Milestone
In 2011 he received the Degree in Chemistry at the University of Turin and in 2014 he received the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Sciences at the same university under the guidance of Prof. Giancarlo Cravotto with a thesis titled “Key enabling technologies for green, highly competitive chemical processes”. His research activity is documented by 20 scientific papers and 1 book chapter, 11 posters and 10 oral communications at international conferences. His collaboration with the University of Turin is still active, in order to developed new sustainable and green microwave processes.

Emilio Morán Miguélez, Prof.
Universidad Complutense
of Madrid
Full professor of Chemistry at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and Head of Department of Inorganic Chemistry. Prof. Morán is an expert in the microwave assisted inorganic synthesis and solid state synthesis, “Fast and Soft Chemistry”. His efforts are in the synthesis of material for technological application such as superconductors, magnetic materials and solid electrolites.
He is the evaluation expert for ANECA, ACAP, ACSUG, AVAP, ANEP quality agencies and his research activity is documented by more than 200 scientific papers and several plenary contributions to international conferences.

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